March Madness: Day 28

Activity:  45 min walk, 2.3 miles

How I felt:  Sore and tired. My left leg and foot hurt quite a lot and I was generally tired.  We stopped half way for lunch and then on our way back, picked up trash.  I just logged the amount of time it typically takes me to complete this walk – the second half was actually over an hour.  I didn’t mind though – the weather is beautiful!  The second half, I felt fine, but we were walking pretty slowly and picking up the garbage, so my leg/foot felt fine.

Motivation:  I was happy to be outside on a day like today and we had made plans to bring garbage bags along after our walk yesterday – seeing all of the litter left beh

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March Madness: Day 26 & 27

Day 26:  rest

Day 27:

Activity:  45 min walk; 2.3 miles

How I Felt:  I was a lot more tired than I’d expected, but I made it just fine.  No pain.

Motivation:  It was easy to want to get outside and walk on the first 45 degree day I’d seen in months!  It felt great to get out there.  When we got back, we opened all the windows as well.  Ahhh…I was worried that Spring had foresaken me!  😉

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March Madness: Day 25

So…you’ll see I’ve missed a few (ahem – several) days in this series, my latest “campaign”.  Well…I did honestly miss some days in a row, but I did manage to get some exercise in along the way too, so I haven’t been all bad.  🙂

The last time I’d written was the last day that I did workout, I missed a few days.  The first day was just about getting a rest day in and then the days following were because I never got a chance to do anything until after 8:30 or later at night.  

Despite my lapse in activity, on Saturday and Sunday, (days 22 and 23)  I did 40 minutes of Dance Dance Revolution each day.  I felt great and energetic overall and got a good workout both days.

Yesterday, (day 24) I took a rest day.

Today, (day 25) I did 40 minutes of Dance Dance Revolution again.  I’m in a total rut with that game, but it is quite fun and I’m continuing to improve – it can’t really hurt, right?  So, back to my usual format…

Activity:  40 minutes of DDR

How I Felt:  Tired and kind of just exhausted/wobbly.  My foot hurt and my legs were sore from my intense DDR weekend.  🙂  I played at the Difficult level most of the time on those days and I was just wet by the end of that workout.  My shower felt great afterward, though!

Motivation:  I enjoyed myself quite a bit – and I wanted to get back into my routine and finish out my challenge.  I feel like I’m just doing something to do something though.  It will be so nice to take walks again!  The weather is finally starting to look up and I have a few days off coming up, so hopefully I can get outside again!!!

I’m not sure why I’m so very tired today though.  I have a desk job…seriously.  I don’t understand why I am just wiped out on work days.  Does it really take that much out of me each day?  I don’t have problems on days off…  It was really difficult to finish my 40 minutes today.  When I wasn’t even half way through I was thinking, “Oh God….maybe I’ll only do 30 minutes…”  But I made it, and that’s a good thing.  

I wish I could say I’m losing a lot of weight with this whole deal, but with the extra activity, I’ve also been extra hungry.  Sigh.  It is good for me in any event…just wish it led to a smaller dress size.  :/ 

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March Madness: Days 16 & 17

Day 16: Break

Day 17:

Activities: light snow shoveling – 20 min and 30 min DDR (Dance Dance Revolution)

How I Felt: tired and off my game. I have been rather sleep-deprived the last few days and I can clearly feel it tonight. My foot was hurting and my usually enjoyable DDR was like slogging through mud. My reaction time was a lot slower than usual and my usual spunkiness was only a shadow of what it normally is. I took it a little slower too though and I didn’t work up my usual sweat.

Motivation: just sticking to the plan at the moment. It is hard because I am just so mentally tired after work and I just want to stare at the wall and recharge most days. The weekends aren’t really a challenge for exercise, which is kind of strange to me. I don’t think my work is that exhausting, but maybe my introvert-batteries run out by day’s end? My normally healthy eating habits are suddenly out of control while I’ve started this workout kick. Sigh. I haven’t lost any weight either, which is hard on ye olde motivation as well. It seems like as soon as I stop working out, I lose a bunch of weight suddenly and then it starts creeping back on because I’d undoubtedly fallen off of the wagon by that point. Just feeling overwhelmed – which is not unusual for being exhausted. I will say I do really like aiming for a workout every other day – it seems to work out that way anyway. Hopefully tonight I’ll get plenty of rest and the next time you hear from me, I’ll be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed! 🙂

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March Madness: Days 14 & 15

Day 14: break

Day 15:

Activity: 45 min DDR

How I felt: honestly, I wanted to just lay around today, which I did to an extent. But – I got up and put in some solid time on DDR. When I was calculating my time previously, I was using regular clock time. The last couple of times, I’ve been using the timer on workout mode which equals a more true reflection of the real time you are a actually dancing. It is pretty tiring as I play the basic level on the harder songs and difficult level on the easier ones. I felt good physically overall and now I am pleasantly tired out.

Motivation: I’ve been really lacking in this department lately – I am falling back on exercising just because I said I would. Sigh. I can’t wait until the weather is warmer…I think that’ll help. I am SO done with snow!

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March Madness: Days 12 & 13

Day 12: Break, although it probably should have been a workout day :/

Day 13:

Activity: 45 minutes of DDR – or was it more like 75 minutes?! I’m not kidding. After about 30 minutes in, I needed to help my son with his homework. When I came back to it, it asked me if I wanted to start over, to which I thought I said NO, but if it didn’t – that was the longest 45 minutes I’ve ever known! It is probably workout karma from basically just skipping yesterday. Ha.

How I felt: I enjoy DDR quite a bit, and I’m working on the difficult level, so I have a challenge to strive for, so that’s fun. The songs grow on you, even though at first you might think they’re cheesy. I was in no mood to “work out” but I can usually talk myself into dancing! 🙂 I’ve been wanting to take walks, but spring is taking its time getting here and each day I’m feeling frozen to the bone just walking from my car to the office, so…

Motivation: just sticking to what I committed to and looking forward to working on completing the levels on DDR.

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March Madness: Day 11

Activities: 10 min DDR – and then dinner + 3 glasses of wine, which = workout over.

How I Felt: I won’t lie, it was kind of a rough (mental) day. So glad to be home and relaxing. I enjoyed my brief stint on the Wii, but all motivation flies out the window with wine.

Motivation: my thought was to “get this over with” – I was probably ready for a break anyway…at least I got a little time in! Tomorrow is a new day.

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