The Story of Roku the Streaming Player

This story starts like many others – girl cancels cable, girl subscribes to Netflix, girl has Netflix in the one room with the fancy TV, Blu-Ray player and game consoles, but nowhere else. 😦 I love to watch TV before bed, usually about an hour, sometimes less. I have a son under the age of 13, so this is also the time I take in all rated R movies, off-color stand-up comedy and the like. Sometimes, he’s not quite asleep, and I don’t exactly want swear words blaring across the sound system in our living room either. I do have a TV in my room with a DVD player, but Netflix would be so nice…so, so nice…

So, I brainstormed a bit. I could get a Blu-Ray for my bedroom? But, the price is around $150 at the least and most of my movies are still DVD anyway. I could get a Wii for the bedroom…but it is also about $150 and I don’t really need it. What to do, what to do? I tried searching on the web, but even with my super-spy web search knowledge and capabilities, it was difficult to put what I wanted exactly into words and there were so many results, and I wasn’t sure about the quality or integrity of what I was seeing. Hrmph.

From my experience at the CES show in January, I knew there were a ton of products floating around to help with connectivity and streaming media. We didn’t spend very much time in the TV and sound area because we were focused on web and internet marketing, but it seemed to me that something, somewhere just had to exist.

So, I went to Best Buy to see what I could see. I found the first sales guy in range and said, “I want Netflix on my old-school TV in my bedroom, I have wireless internet and I’m lookin’ for options.” First recommended was the Blu-Ray I already had thought about. Second recommended was a new TV for the bedroom – nah, don’t need it. Then I said, “Yeah, isn’t there just a little box that I can connect to my wireless to stream a Netflix app to my TV?” His face lit up and then I saw it: Roku the streaming player.

I took it home – opened the diminutive box and took out another further diminutive box and a mini-remote. I sighed a bit, thinking that this couldn’t possibly be this easy…but it was! I plugged it into the back of my TV, flipped to the proper input, gave it my wireless password and away we went! I was able to add MORE than just Netflix – there were a ton of apps, including Pandora and even a few I’d never heard of before. I am in heaven – I love this little box. Still in the honeymoon stage, I continue to look at it with amazement and wonder as I walk by every day. What was before an old, outdated TV now streams media to my very bedroom! Seriously, this is the best thing since peanut butter! Whoo hoo! I’m sure we’ll live happily ever after. The end.


About hollybarber

I have a well-rounded communications and photography/video background with a healthy dose of technology. I enjoy the creation process, carrying projects through from concept to finish and the challenge of fine-tuning processes. I like to be organized, and I have a regard for the importance of proper asset management. I definitely have a creative side that enjoys design work, photography and art direction. I like to imagine the possibilities and think of clever, creative solutions. Continuously exploring and learning is part of my nature, which makes me a natural fit for working with technology and the Internet. Specialties: Web producing, digital communications, design, usability, mobile marketing, web marketing, creative problem solving, art direction, process improvement, project management, digital imaging, branding
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