Instagram, the Future of TV, Summer Reads and The London Eye

It has certainly been a busy summer.  Working on options for moving and schooling for my son has kept me out of trouble but it has also kept me from faithfully recording my thoughts here!  Some highlights:

– I dipped my toe into Instagram just today.  It is something I’ve been meaning to try, but just haven’t put it high on my list.  So far, I’m not excited by it.  I’m having a difficult time with taking a perfectly good photo and adding filters to add “character”.  I spend a lot of time with old photos and Photoshop trying to restore them back to how they “should be”.  While it might be a fun replacement for FourSquare, I prefer FourSquare anyway.  Maybe as I use it I’ll have a change of heart, but so far, not so good.

– I read a couple of seemingly opposite articles today: and  The first one talks about how people are stepping away (in droves!) from cable or even paid subscription services in favor of free options like Crackle and inner-live.  The second article is talking about how Apple is wanting to take over cable with a new-and-improved Apple TV setop box.  My opinion?  As long as there are free options, the paid versions will suffer – especially in a low economy.  Unless something turns around or Apple comes through with something utterly amazing, I’m not seeing a good future for cable or set-top boxes.  The only reason I use one (A Roku box – and I love it) is because I still have an old-school TV that isn’t Internet-ready.

– Summer reading list – Search Inside Yourself and The Wise Heart.  Two similar, yet complementary books based on Eastern beliefs, stress reduction, emotional intelligence, influencing people, etc.  Search Inside Yourself is written by a Google engineer turned personal growth pioneer Chade-Meng Tan.  It is an easy and humorous read.  If I hadn’t ever read other similar books, I would think this was the best thing since sliced bread.  Being in the same industry, I found it interesting to see some of the Buddhist thought processes and techniques used in a practical way in the business world.  The Wise Heart, is a more traditional book that describes the Buddhist psychology and knowledge more broadly – but still illuminating in its own way.  I think these books are nice reminders and goals to work toward for anyone.  The basic theme is cultivating a clear mind through mindfulness and kindness toward others.  Since it has taken me awhile to get through them – I hope perhaps they have slowly edged their way into my life.  I’ve had a pretty stressful summer, but I think I’ve been handling it well and I wonder if these two books haven’t improved my adaptability and outlook on the future.

I will close this post with a random fact I learned from the 2012 Olympics.  The article is called: “During Olympics, London’s Eye will become a Twitter-fueled ‘mood ring’.”  Here’s the story in a nutshell from the article: “British utility EDF Energy has contracted a social media analytics expert named Mike Thelwall and a linguistics team known as Sosolimited to survey UK-based Twitter sentiment on the Games. An algorithm will translate the sentiment into a prevailing mood: happy, sad, indifferent, what have you. During every night’s 30-minute light show, the Eye will glow yellow if England is in a positive mood, purple if negative, and green if indifferent.”  I think that ongoing, it should reflect the mood of one lucky person (er – Twitter user) in London per day.  I wonder what that kind of publicity would cost Twitter long term?  Hmmm…interesting…


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I have a well-rounded communications and photography/video background with a healthy dose of technology. I enjoy the creation process, carrying projects through from concept to finish and the challenge of fine-tuning processes. I like to be organized, and I have a regard for the importance of proper asset management. I definitely have a creative side that enjoys design work, photography and art direction. I like to imagine the possibilities and think of clever, creative solutions. Continuously exploring and learning is part of my nature, which makes me a natural fit for working with technology and the Internet. Specialties: Web producing, digital communications, design, usability, mobile marketing, web marketing, creative problem solving, art direction, process improvement, project management, digital imaging, branding
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