March Madness: Days 14 & 15

Day 14: break

Day 15:

Activity: 45 min DDR

How I felt: honestly, I wanted to just lay around today, which I did to an extent. But – I got up and put in some solid time on DDR. When I was calculating my time previously, I was using regular clock time. The last couple of times, I’ve been using the timer on workout mode which equals a more true reflection of the real time you are a actually dancing. It is pretty tiring as I play the basic level on the harder songs and difficult level on the easier ones. I felt good physically overall and now I am pleasantly tired out.

Motivation: I’ve been really lacking in this department lately – I am falling back on exercising just because I said I would. Sigh. I can’t wait until the weather is warmer…I think that’ll help. I am SO done with snow!


About hollybarber

I have a well-rounded communications and photography/video background with a healthy dose of technology. I enjoy the creation process, carrying projects through from concept to finish and the challenge of fine-tuning processes. I like to be organized, and I have a regard for the importance of proper asset management. I definitely have a creative side that enjoys design work, photography and art direction. I like to imagine the possibilities and think of clever, creative solutions. Continuously exploring and learning is part of my nature, which makes me a natural fit for working with technology and the Internet. Specialties: Web producing, digital communications, design, usability, mobile marketing, web marketing, creative problem solving, art direction, process improvement, project management, digital imaging, branding
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One Response to March Madness: Days 14 & 15

  1. Casie says:

    I agree the cold weather makes us not want to do anything. It needs to get warm already!

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