March Madness: Day 10

Activities: 30 min Wii Fit Plus (1/2 toning, 1/2 step aerobics), 30 min DDR

How I felt: I was pretty energized and excited to work out today even though I was feeling sore from yesterday. By the time I was done, I was quite sweaty and pleasantly exhausted. I’ll sleep we’ll tonight!

Motivation: wanting to lose weight by this summer.

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March Madness: Day 9

Activity: 30 Min Wii Fit Plus – 1/2 Strength and 1/2 Aerobic

How I felt: I felt lazy, but I put my time in anyway 🙂 I felt good throughout, the strength portion was much tougher for me.

Motivation: just wanting to stay on track.

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March Madness: Days 7 & 8

Day 7: Rest Day

Day 8:

Activity: 50 Minutes Yoga – Water, Heart-Air, Forward-bends

How I Felt: I was ready and willing to do some type of workout – I was quite relaxed and noodle-y afterward.

Motivation: back on my own time, I’m all about fitness and health again! Sometimes when I do Yoga, I don’t feel like I’m working out hard enough, but the stretching was much-needed and I consoled myself with the thought that no matter how much I was working out, it was more than I’d normally do on a rest day.

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March Madness: Day 6

Activity: 40 minutes Dance Dance Revolution

How I felt: I wanted to just sit around tonight, but otherwise I felt okay. It has been a long week and I just wasn’t feeling it. Funny how my goals for health and fitness go right out the window once I get caught up in the midst of the work week.

Motivation: definitely lacking overall today. If I didn’t like DDR so much it would’ve been hard to talk myself into it. I can’t wait until it is light later in the evening so I can start walking/jogging again!

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March Madness: Days 4 & 5

I took a day of rest on day 4 – I was still headache-y and really, really tired. After 3 days of activity, I also felt that a rest day would be a good thing.

Day 5:
Activity: 40 min Dance Dance Revolution

How I felt: earlier in the day, I felt terrible…and I mean like coming down with the flu terrible. Thankfully, this evening, my headache situation improved and I felt overall better, but still a bit tired. I enjoyed my DDR session and was quite sweaty by the end, so that’s good. I’m feeling relaxed and accomplished having done some activity on a day I felt so horrible previously.

Motivation: today it was just about sticking to what I’d promised in creating this goal for myself and not “wimping out”.

On a side note, I had my blood checked yesterday and my numbers were looking good as far as cholesterol, sugar, etc – actually, these numbers are the best I’ve had in the history of having my blood checked! Yay me! The only number that wasn’t perfect was my weight, but I’m working on that one…

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March Madness: Day 3

Activity: 40 minutes doing a Shiva Rae Yoga DVD, Earth and Fire combination

How I felt: Tired, and I started out really tight and achy – I should’ve taken the time to stretch before starting. It probably would’ve made the workout more productive. After I was done, my aches were gone and I felt quite relaxed. I would guess I’m likely to sleep better too!

Motivation: Well – I’m not gonna lie – this would’ve been a prime “fall off the wagon” kind of day. I didn’t get home until after 8 pm, I was tired and crabby. I wasn’t really caring about being healthy, strong or fit…I just wanted to crawl into bed. Since it was so late, I thought Yoga would be the best thing I could do, and I’m sure I was right. I’m not really used to this particular DVD, so I felt like I was doing the wrong thing half of the time, but I also think I gave it a good shot. I was breaking a little sweat by the end, so I must’ve been doing something right. The best thing is that today I didn’t fall off the wagon – which would’ve been really sad only on day 3. Ha.

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March Madness: Day 2

Activity: 1 hour of Dance Dance Revolution

How I Felt: no pain, happy and very sweaty after!

Motivation: my son asked me to play – I just did it long enough to count! Once you get started with DDR it is hard to stop. 🙂

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